Happy New Year!

January 4, 2023

We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas with lots of quality time with friends and family, as well as some well-earned down time at the end of what appears to have been a busy year for everyone. After a couple of crazy pandemic years, it seemed like things were back to normal in 2022, but with normality came a return to the task of balancing work and home lives, along with challenges caused by the cost of living crisis. These are tough times for many and with January normally a difficult month for many, due to short dark days and financial restrictions following Christmas I am aware that more people than normal will be struggling this year. 

So what can we do to make our lives a little easier? Like millions of other Brits, Jon and I will be taking part in Dry January. This is something we do every year and we always notice a difference in our health. Research from the Royal Free Hospital in 2016 (1*) backs up just how good a month off the booze is for the body, with improvements in concentration and sleep patterns, as well as a positive impact on blood sugar levels, blood pressure and the liver. And as we know a healthy body contributes to a healthier mind. Sleeping well and eating well makes a huge difference to our mood and I know that when I am not drinking, I definitely make better choices when it comes to food and sleep. 

Instead of sipping on a glass of mulled wine, I am going to be focussing on upping my water intake. Jon and I are proud supporters of Hydrate the Nation (2*), a 30-day water challenge (May), that educates on how true hydration contributes to physical wellness and of the serious effects of dehydration. I believe that there is no simpler way to take care of your physical and mental wellness than hydrating!  

Jon will be away with work a lot in January, so I will be using the time he’s not at home to focus on myself. I find Christmas can be hard (but fun) work, making sure that the kids have a wonderful time and that all the relatives are visited, and friends caught up with. Often there’s little time left for oneself. So, I am going to be making sure that I finally get round to reading the books on my bedside table, taking my dogs for lots of long walks and enjoying being able to get back into a rhythm when it comes to exercise; I will be planning work outs and trips to my favourite Pilates class. 

All in all a slow start in January is a great way to reset after the intensity of the festive period. Join me over on my Instagram where I will be sharing lots of inspiration and motivation for getting through January. 

Sally & Jon x

1* https://alcoholchange.org.uk/help-and-support/managing-your-drinking/dry-january/about-dry-january/the-dry-january-story

2* https://hydratethenation.co.uk