Post-Holiday Blues

August 24, 2022

So, the long-awaited holiday is over, and you are back home, are you feeling refreshed and ready to get back to life? Probably not, according to The Mirror (*1) 57% of people feel depressed when they return from their holidays! Not sure about you, but we definitely notice a lull in our mood when we return home, but don’t worry as there are lots of things you can do to make sure the post-holiday blues don’t turn into anything more serious.  

The first thing we do to lift our mood actually happens before we go away! As well as making sure that we have tied up loose ends at work and home before we leave for my holiday, we also make sure that we are covered up until a couple of days after our return. There’s nothing worse than getting in late from a long day of travel knowing that you must get up first thing the next day and be at your desk. It’s not always possible to book an extra day off work after your hols, but if you have to be back at your desk, we really recommend clearing your diary of any meetings or calls so you can spend the day reading through your emails and creating a thorough to-do list.  We also like to make sure the house is clean before we get away, as there’s nothing worse than coming home to a messy house. It also makes it easy to focus on unpacking and sorting out all the holiday washing.  

A week or two of ice creams on the beach and cocktails by the pool is wonderful, but with alcohol a widely recognised depressant and studies linking junk food to depression (*2), it’s no wonder that we come home from our holidays feeling less than our best. So, focussing on giving your body a nutrient-dense diet will really help lift your mood. As we discussed in last month’s blog a Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets out there. Recreating some of your favourite dishes from your holiday is the perfect way get back on track. Check out our July article for details of why the diet is so healthy and please share your favourite healthy holiday recipes with us on our social channels.  

You don’t need to be throwing yourself into a full-on exercise regime after your holiday, but we promise a bit of daily movement will improve not only your physical health, but your mental health too.  And don’t forget to focus on your sleep. We often find our sleep is a bit disrupted when we get home from holidays, sometimes this is due to jet lag, but sometimes we just struggle to get back into our routine. So, we always put a lot of thought into our sleep in the first few weeks, making sure that we go to sleep at the same time, trying not to drink alcohol before bed and not exercising in the evening. Lack of sleep has a huge effect on our moods and so a week or two of good sleep behaviour can really help banish those blues.  

We love the start of Autumn; it often feels like a better time to regroup and recharge than the actual new year. Often two weeks on a sun lounger has given us time to think about our lives, what is working and more importantly what is not working. When we get back from holidays, we find it really helpful to think about any changes we can make to our lifestyles and to do some goal setting for the new season. Rather than rushing into booking the next holiday, instead try and plan some nice activities for the coming weeks. Arrange to see friends you’ve not seen all summer, book a trip to the theatre or an exhibition, or maybe even sign yourself up for a challenge like a fun run. We’ve signed up to climb Mount Kenya for charity. Goal setting gives you something positive to focus on and distracts you from sitting around wishing you were back in the sun and certainly keeps your mind and body on track. And maybe think about decluttering a bit, you’ve just survived a couple of weeks with one suitcase of clothes – do you really need everything in your wardrobe. A clear out can really lift our mood.  

Whatever you do, it’s vitally important to pay extra attention to our wellbeing – mental and physical - post holidays, but by following these few small actions means you can say goodbye to post holiday blues.  

Jon & Sally x