Why have we included ‘REST as a topic in ‘Optimise Your Age? Many of us have heard the old saying ‘We’ll rest when we are dead’. Many of us think if we are not being productive or active for a good proportion of the day then we are being lazy. When we reach a certain age, we say we should be slowing down but rarely do. We find other stuff to fill our days.

What does it mean to rest? Rest is to cease work or movement in order to relax, sleep or recover strength. We feel the reason for actively resting and the quality of your rest plays a hugely significant role in living better and for longer, which is what ‘Optimise Your Age’ is all about.  Giving you the tools to get more, and the most, out of your life.

If we don’t make REST a priority, then the old saying ‘We’ll rest when we are dead’ will literally become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  
In this section we will look at things like why you can’t underestimate the importance of sleep when balancing your health. What to expect from your sleep as you get older, why and what can be done to improve your quality of sleep. Why it’s especially important to take time to relax, offering different ways in which you can do that. Understanding the concept of ‘me-time’ and why it's a necessity not a selfish act.

REST is an area we struggle with but by sharing our thoughts, feelings and experiences we hope it will help others understand its normal to have these struggles but how to make overcoming them, easier?



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